Saturday, September 22, 2012

More pix!!!

Hi People!

Sorry for being blog-M.I.A. I've been updating my Events Facebook account though! The Facebook Account is Full, but you can subscribe to me if you are interested to see updates about my life!
: )

I had so much fun getting involved in all these events! : )
Thanks to all who gave me the great opportunities!  I really appreciate these amazing opportunities!
: )

Pictures that I love! : )

Pictures taken during Fitting:

During the Show: 

Do you like my new hair?
I love it!! : )

 My Amazing Hair-stylist! She's so talented!
 I told her that I love everything K-popish! hehe!


 I love the Make-up! : )
Sherry+Models+Event Emcee
 Shirley and Fareena look gorgeous!

 Great photo-props to play around with! : )

Did Stage-acting for kids. Acted as Alice in a modified Alice-in-the-Wonderland-play. Was happy to be given the opportunity to write the script too. hehe!
Worked with a really talented crew who gave really awesome suggestions! : )

I've also Graduated on 24th August! hehe! : )

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Love accessories.

Love the dreamy floral feel : )